News 9: Ammeding Madison General

11/9 City Passes Change: To Allow Fare Exterior Markings Optional

Amending Section 11.06(10)(a)2. of the Madison General Ordinances to remove the requirement for public passenger vehicles to mark current rates of fare on the exterior of the vehicle if a fare is provided to the passenger prior to departure.

Effective November 9th, taxicabs will no longer be required to place the rates on the exterior of their vehicles, so long as they provide fares to the consumer upfront.

Green Cab lead the charge to eliminate the markings that “cluttered, outdated and added additional expenses to the cars”, – Dani Schmidt, of Green Cab. When we updated our logo, app and website designs earlier this fall the rates for us were an unnecessary part of the schematic. Green Cab operates with the Know Your Fare Before You Ride model. Our riders, whether through our app, website, dispatch or flags, view and receive their fares upfront. Our rates are calculated using a zone based model. Those zones are posted online and are on file with the city of Madison. In addition, we do not surge nor do we charge for time not in motion. Riders fares remain the same no matter the route, nor time it takes to get there.

In car, our driver app displays the ride, including the fare, which can be viewed by the rider as well. For flags and airport pick ups, the driver app will calculate the fare based on current GPS location, and riders destination. Our flat rates are transparent for riders, taking the fear out of not knowing how much the ride will be or trying to calculate the rates from the side door of a vehicle.

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