about us…
Green Cab, powered by Zerology, is Madison’s all electric rideshare service, designed for riders looking for a reliable, greener, more affordable way to ride. Our goal is to provide you with a fast, reliable, and safe rideshare experience.
Since 2010, Green Cab has served Madison and the surrounding communities with over 4 million rides. We have partnered with local businesses, nonprofit organizations and invested locally in our technology, vehicles, and our people.

Green Cab introduced the “Know your fare before you ride” in 2010. Our fares are based on pre-determined zones. You will always receive the same fare no matter the time of day, or time it takes. We do not surge during special event or charge for time in traffic.

Providing you with reliable transportation that is greener, safer and more affordable in the communities we service. In return, we pledge to reinvest in our communities by purchasing local and supporting other businesses that do the same.

We’d like to thank our local photographer and driver, Graydon Schwartz, for taking these great photos. Visit his portfolio HERE!